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Patrick and Jasmine Irish

A family passing on a philanthropic family mission

Living Breathing Generosity

Patrick and Jasmine Irish are the definitions of people who immerse themselves in the community where they live, work, and play.

Through their volunteer time and financial support, they have found ways to get creatively involved in many philanthropic efforts in the Holland/Zeeland community.

Jasmine grew up in West Virginia as part of a middle-class family. Though their financial resources were limited, she learned at a young age the importance of giving your time and money however you can.

“No one ever told me I had to volunteer and donate,” she said. “I just followed the example that my family set.”

When Jasmine moved to Holland, she didn’t waste any time getting involved in the community. She regularly volunteered with organizations including Boys and Girls Club and Center of Women in Transition. While some people are reactive when it comes to giving money and time, Jasmine actively seeks out needs in our community.

When Jasmine and Patrick met, she encouraged him to embrace her family’s philanthropic passion. Through trial and error, Patrick found volunteering opportunities in his wheelhouse of computer, finance, and math. He began teaching computer skills to immigrant women and math and finance skills to high schoolers.

Patrick and Jasmine have continued to find creative ways to support organizations — even doing a year of what they called “Charity of the Month.” Their enthusiasm and drive surrounding their desire to create change in our community are truly inspiring.

As they began to consider how to best facilitate their philanthropic giving, they chose to establish a Donor Advised Fund with the Community Foundation. This decision wasn’t made lightly.

Patrick and Jasmine Irish are a couple who live and breathe generosity. Jasmine’s family put it simply, saying, “If you don’t have any money, give your time. If you have time and money, give both.”

They are leaning into the family mission, giving their time, talent, and treasure throughout the Holland/Zeeland community.

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