“The Foundation stewards the assets in our nonprofit funds well. They are a critical partner of ours, and of so many of our peer nonprofit organizations, in our shared commitment to a fully thriving community for all."

- community action house

Why Create a Nonprofit Fund with CFHZ?

Annual distributions of earnings that you can take by check, defer to a subsequent year, or invest in your nonprofit fund’s endowment.

Fund management services – We invest the endowment so you, your staff and board can focus on your mission and endowment building. We also manage the operational details—including gift acceptance and tax receipting, accounting, and reporting.

Acceptance of unusual assets – We relieve you of handling more complex gifts involving privately held stock, mutual fund shares, and real estate, making it easy on both you and your donors.

Planned giving and endowment fundraising support – While the Community Foundation does not serve as your fundraiser, our experienced staff are available to consult with you, your board and its committees, and donor prospects about planned giving and endowment strategies and techniques.

Enhanced donor confidence – By entrusting your endowment to the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee and its professional investment advisor, you demonstrate that you take your organization’s future, its asset management, and endowment building seriously. You also align with a trusted community partner.

Start a Conversation About Establishing a Nonprofit Fund With CFHZ.

For questions about how you can start a nonprofit fund, contact Colleen Hill, VP of Development and Donor Services