Charitable Estate Management

“We believe we’ve been blessed to be a blessing. We know the care CFHZ takes in vetting the organizations and causes to which funds are distributed. We’ve chosen to give to the Community’s Endowment through our estate plan because of the trust we have in CFHZ and its leadership."

- Jim and Martie Bultman

Join the hundreds of others who have given a forever gift to the Holland/Zeeland area by including a gift to the Community’s Endowment in part of your charitable estate plan.

Our Community’s Endowment is comprised of Unrestricted Funds and Field of Interest Funds. These resources are pooled together to achieve greater impact both now and into the future. CFHZ uses a portion of these funds each year to invest in community change across a broad range of issue areas. 

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds allow you to leave a personal or family legacy in the community and know that the CFHZ Board of Trustees and staff will use the resources to respond to future needs and opportunities. Your gift will always be relevant, as resources are distributed to fit the most pressing needs and exciting opportunities in our community.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds allow you to identify the needs in the community you care about most (e.g. Youth, Basic Needs, Environment), while allowing CFHZ to identify the best possible community investments to meet those needs.

Start a Conversation About Your Charitable Estate Plans.

We know these decisions are deeply personal. We’re here to work alongside you, honoring your legacy and making a lasting impact on our community. To start a conversation about your charitable estate plans and learn more about how CFHZ may be a resource to you as it has been to hundreds of other community members, contact Colleen Hill, VP of Development and Donor Services.