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2019 Competitive Grants Round 1


The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area is pleased to announce the awarding of 6 grants totaling $214,000 from our Community’s Endowment in the first competitive grant round of 2019.

The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area is pleased to announce the awarding of 6 grants totaling $214,000 from  the Community’s Endowment in the first competitive grant round of 2019. 

“As the needs of our community members grow and change, we are thankful the Community’s Endowment allows us to support the efforts of our nonprofit partners who are directly addressing these needs,” said Elizabeth Kidd, Vice President of Community Impact. “We believe each of these investments will positively impact our community today and for years to come.” 

2019 Competitive Grants Round 1

Winning at Home – Holland Counseling Center

Amount Awarded: $75,000 over 3 years
Purpose: To help renovate an existing building in downtown Holland on 16th Street and to help provide low cost counseling to individuals and families struggling with mental and relational health challenges who otherwise have barriers, such as transportation and finances, to receiving care.

Why this matters: Data from the Ottawa County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Youth Assessment Survey (YAS) reflects the reality that many adults, children and families in our community are struggling with trauma, adverse childhood experiences, mental health, and building healthy relationships amid the challenges and stresses of day to day life. The counseling services and educational programs provided at the new 16th Street location will offer community members access to the support and tools they need to navigate these challenges and find positive paths for the future. 

Midtown Counseling Services – On-site School Counseling Program

Amount Awarded: $75,000 over 3 years
To provide trauma-focused counseling directly to Holland Middle School students on school grounds during school hours.
Why this matters:  Childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences involving abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction have a profound impact on students who experience them. In the short term, they are often a serious barrier to a child being able to fully participate in school and to build healthy relationships with peers and adults. In the long term, adults who have had these experiences are more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health and more likely to struggle with issues ranging from 

addiction to homelessness to suicide. Providing counseling to students who have had adverse childhood experiences is a critical opportunity to offer the support and tools that can help them overcome the odds and find hope for a better future. Providing counseling on site at school removes the barriers of cost and transportation that often prevent students from accessing these kinds of services.

Beacon of Hope– Emotional Health Group for Adults on Probation

Amount Awarded: $20,000 over 3 years
To provide emotional health and support to adults on probation to give them the hope they need to see themselves ascontributing to their communities in a positive manner.
Why this matters: Many individuals on probation have experienced trauma and have underlying mental health issues which, left unaddressed, often contribute to re-incarceration. This program will provide returning citizens with the opportunity to better understand their mental health challenges, receive appropriate care from Beacon of Hope counselors and develop new coping mechanisms and strategies as they work to rebuild their lives.

Critter Barn – Barn to Farm Campaign 

Amount Awarded: $20,000 
Purpose: To support the construction of Critter Barn's new educational farm center where residents and visitors of all ages and abilities will be able to participate in hands-on, interactive learning experiences and witness everyday farm life.
Why this matters: The new farm will provide a larger, safer, more accessible facility for children and adults to engage directly with animals and plants and to better understand the important role agriculture and farming have in growing the food we eat. 

Kids’ Food Basket – Ottawa/Allegan Program Expansion

Amount Awarded: $20,000
To move to a larger facility housing KFB's warehouse, office, and volunteer space in one location allowing KFB to serve more daily nourishing meals to children in Holland and neighboring Allegan County rural school districts.
Why this matters: Childhood hunger has negative impacts on physical growth and brain development and is a barrier to children engaging fully in learning in the classroom. With three Holland and West Ottawa schools on the wait list for the Sack Supper program and an increase in need at several currently participating schools, the new facility will ensure Kids’ Food Basket has the capacity to keep up with the growing demand for services in our community and provide the nutrition children need to reach their full potential. 

Greater Ottawa County United Way / Lakeshore Housing Alliance – Voices of Youth Count

Amount Awarded: $4,000
To conduct a thorough count of youth experiencing homelessness with the goal of creating a comprehensive strategy to address the needs of youth in housing crisis. Why this matters: While there are several existing local data sources on youth homelessness, the Voices of Youth Count will work to generate a more comprehensive picture of how youth in our county are experiencing homelessness to inform future strategies to best address this need.

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