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Community's Endowment 2017 Impact

Our Community's Endowment has made a positive, lasting impact on a number of local nonprofits this year through 17 competitive grant awards totaling $494,750. 

From the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance to the Children's Advocacy Center to Hand2Hand and...

The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area is pleased to announce the awarding of 17 grants totaling $494,750 from the Community’s Endowment in 2017.  

Arts and Culture

Holland Film Group – People, Place and Possibilities: A Story of Immigrants and Entrepreneurs 

  • Amount Awarded: $10,000
  • Purpose: To produce a feature-length documentary telling the story of how Holland became an economically dynamic and culturally diverse community.  The film will focus on the area's defining values with the goal of sharing them with students, residents, visitors and potential business owners and employees.
  • Why this matters? Many local residents, especially students, as well as newcomers and visitors, do not understand all that Holland is and how it came to be. A high-quality, documentary film is the perfect way to preserve, explain and tell the unique story that is Holland, Michigan for decades to come. This documentary will serve as an important resource to educators and students in their local history units and will provide Holland visitors with the opportunity to view the film at the Holland Museum and other locations in the community. 



Community and Economic Development

City of Zeeland – Elm Street Park

  • Amount Awarded: $30,000
  • Purpose: To create a downtown Zeeland park that will provide a winter location for a formal ice rink as well as a dedicated location for event programming, picnicking and gathering space throughout the warmer seasons.
  • Why this matters? The Elm Street Park will serve as a link across generations. It will be a place where kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors can gather, relax, establish healthy recreation habits, and embrace the Zeeland community. Enhancing the center of Downtown Zeeland through the establishment of this park encourages walkable and healthy community for the many neighborhoods surrounding downtown’s central business district. 

Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance – Allies Working for Social Justice and Environmental Progress

  • Amount Awarded: $25,000
  • Purpose: To support the planning and implementation of the Allies project that brings together community members to engage in dialogue and develop action steps meant to address the growing divide amongst community members. 
  • Why this matters? The racial and ethnic demographics of our region, our state, and our country are changing—we are becoming more diverse. However, alongside changing demographics are persistent inequities. For a community to thrive, community members must feel supported to perform their various life functions and achieve maximum potential. Empowerment is core to community organizing, where those who participate feel some level of control and awareness of their situations and the power to facilitate change. The Allies group has early momentum and has successfully facilitated an environment of constructive dialogue on topics that are often filled with tension. The Allies group will provide support and advancement surrounding eight specific issues: immigration policy, racial justice, women’s issues, LGBTQ equity, religious tolerance, environmental protection, hate crimes, and school bullying. 

Latin Americans United for Progress – Community Feedback and Reorganization Project

  • Amount Awarded: $20,000 
  • Purpose: To engage Latino community leaders, leaders of partner organizations, and most importantly, area Latino residents to determine the most urgent needs to address to ensure that Latinos thrive in our community and to utilize the information gained to shape LAUP's future work.
  • Why this matters: The Latino population in the Holland/Zeeland area is growing and the information gathered through this process will have a lasting impact on our collective understanding of the most pressing needs and promising opportunities for our local Latino community. 



City on a Hill Ministries – Health Clinic Remodel

  • Amount Awarded: $10,000 
  • Purpose: To remodel the health clinic space to increase patient confidentiality and improve safety for providers and patients.
  • Why this matters: Increasing privacy for patients receiving care and discussing medical issues is essential for confidentiality and will lead to improved communication and more open dialogue between patients and providers that will improve patient health outcomes. 

Holland Free Health Clinic – Digital X-Ray Technology

  • Amount Awarded: $11,750
  • Purpose: To purchase digital X-ray equipment that will allow dental professionals at HFHC to better diagnose dental diseases and improve the health and lives of patients.
  • Why this matters: More than 1 in 5 adults in Ottawa County have not been to the dentist within the past year.  Those who haven’t received dental care are disproportionately less educated and more likely to be living in poverty.  Digital X-ray equipment will help HFHC continue to provide high-quality care to patients and to interact efficiently and effectively with community partners to best serve patients for the long term.



Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity – State Street Project

  • Amount Awarded: $30,000 
  • Purpose: To provide infrastructure support for a multi-unit affordable housing development which will be a collaborative effort between Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity and Good Samaritan Ministries. The units will provide permanent supportive rental housing for residents who meet eligibility requirements. 
  • Why this matters: Lack of affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues currently facing the Holland/Zeeland community.  The State Street Project has the potential to serve as the launchpad for growing and accelerating Habitat and GSM’s joint work to create more affordable housing in our community, which is greatly needed. 



Human Services

Bethany Christian Services –  Building Campaign

  • Amount Awarded: $40,000
  • Purpose:  Bethany Christian Services of Holland is moving to one combined location to improve the efficiency of services and foster greater collaboration of teams to benefit the children and families served. 
  • Why this matters: BCS provides foster care, adoption, counseling and other supportive services to many children and families in our community.  The new space will be designed to meet the unique needs of these children and families and will make accessing help easier by bringing all services together in one location. 

Eighth Day Farm – A New Growth Center 

  • Amount Awarded: $25,000
  • Purpose: To renovate the building at 709 Pine Avenue (called the Growth Center) to meet code, providing much-needed space for education, an organization office, and community gatherings. A New Growth Center will broaden and strengthen the mission of Eighth Day Farm in Holland by creating a licensed facility to pack New Fast Food bags, a venue for the urban youth growers program, instruction in food preparation and preservation, workshops and an increased capacity to offer field trips to area schools.
  • Why this matters: There exists in the Holland/Zeeland area a need for access to healthy food, education on the connection between diet and health outcomes, and the training of a new generation of food producers. This renovation will allow Eighth Day Farm to significantly expand the work they have been doing for years. 

Holland Rescue Mission – Gateway Center Vocational Training School

  • Amount Awarded: $45,000 over 3 years
  • Purpose: To develop the internal programmatic structure for a work-based therapy program for homeless men and women to increase their ability to sustain themselves through career advancement, addiction recovery, and basic life-skills training, providing local employers with a stable workforce, while mirroring the values of our community.
  • Why this matters: The Gateway Center Vocational Training School will have a lasting impact on program participants who will be better equipped to maintain employment for the long-term and to build a healthy life for themselves outside of work.  

Pioneer Resources – Holland Site Renovation

  • Amount Awarded: $20,000 
  • Purpose: To renovate a new Holland office location to ensure safety, accessibility and functionality for expanding programs serving seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  • Why this matters: Opening a physical office location in the Holland/Zeeland area is a significant step for Pioneer Resources as demand for its services in our community, particularly related to transportation for senior citizens and assessment and programming for children with autism, continues to grow. 

Western Theological Seminary – Community Kitchen Renovation

  • Amount Awarded: $30,000 
  • Purpose: To update the Community Kitchen space which serves an average of more than 200 meals per day and over 75,000 meals each year to residents in need. The renovations will equip the Community Kitchen to continue providing meals in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Why this matters: Having a place in the community where residents in need of food can receive a meal with no questions asked has a significant impact in addressing their immediate hunger as well as providing a gateway for Community Action House to connect them with other supportive services.  


Community SPOKE – Age-Friendly Holland/Zeeland Transportation Study and Plan

  • Amount Awarded: $25,000 
  • Purpose: To conduct a comprehensive study to identify the barriers that seniors in the Holland/Zeeland Area experience related to transportation and to facilitate a community-wide planning effort to identify goals and strategies to address the challenges presented by the study.
  • Why this matters: Transportation is one of the biggest barriers that seniors and many other residents face in fully participating in and contributing to our community.  Transportation is often the missing link between the opportunities, services, and supports available in our community and the people who need them.  Understanding the true nature of local residents’ transportation needs will have a lasting impact on our ability to effectively address this challenge as a community.  


Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland – Holland Heights Extension

  • Amount Awarded: $75,000 over 3 years 
  • Purpose: To offer a new program site in Holland Heights to enable all young people, especially those who need support most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.
  • Why this matters: Through a two-year planning process, the BGC staff and board identified Holland Heights as the area with the greatest need for BGC’s services and the essential elements that are likely to lead to a successful program.  The new Holland Heights site will have a lasting impact on the children and families who are able to access consistent, daily afterschool programming that provides a safe space with caring adults and nurturing activities for students. 

Children’s Advocacy Center –  SMART Therapy

  • Amount Awarded: $75,000 over 3 years 
  • Purpose: To bring this innovative, evidence-based approach to therapy to children and youth who have been victims of sexual abuse in our community. SMART (Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment) therapy will add a new array of strategies to the standard mental health therapy repertoire that CAC provides.  In a space specifically designed for this program, children can playfully use big pillows, weighted blankets, balance beams, art materials, and other equipment that call for full engagement of the whole body and mind.  
  • Why this matters: Emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal life is exceedingly difficult for children who have experienced complex trauma.  Everyday situations at home and school can be very challenging for them to navigate.  Without effective support, these challenges can persist and negatively impact victims throughout the rest of their childhood and as adults.  SMART therapy can help these children heal and learn to cope with the effects of the trauma they’ve experienced so that they have the best possible chance for a happy, healthy future. 

Great Start Collaborative – Help Me Grow-Ottawa

  • Amount Awarded: $10,000
  • Purpose: Help Me Grow-Ottawa helps support families with children prenatal through age five to navigate the early childhood system in the Ottawa County area. The program helps to ensure families have up to date information on childcare, preschool, and kindergarten; supports families in completing developmental screenings; answers questions related to pregnancy and links families to local playgroups and other community resources. Specifically, grant funds will help launch a large-scale marketing campaign and to create and implement the program's evaluation tool.
  • Why this matters: The Great Start Collaborative—Ottawa releases a family survey annually. Over the past several years, a recurring data point is that families are unsure of where to go within the community to get information. Help Me Grow-Ottawa is an existing website resource where all of this information is brought together. With a marketing campaign focused on becoming more widely known and used, Help Me Grow-Ottawa can become a vital tool for families in the community. 

Hand2Hand – Lakeshore Initiative

  • Amount Awarded: $13,000
  • Purpose: To ensure that along the Lakeshore, every child who is at risk of food insecurity, early childhood through high school, has a weekend food resource so they have the opportunity to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically.
  • Why this matters: Over 5,000 students in the Holland/Zeeland area struggle with hunger at home.  Through the Lakeshore Initiative, Hand2Hand will begin providing an additional 1,500 students with weekend meal backpacks in addition to the 1,400 children already being served.  Having access to reliable food on the weekends removes a major barrier to health and learning for these children.  


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