Community Stabilization Fund: Sixth Round Grants

We are pleased to announce the sixth round of grant distributions from the Community Stabilization Fund. An initial investment of $200,000 from our Community’s Endowment, combined with the generous investments of local donors, allows us to assist in setting the stage for recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Community Stabilization Fund targets three priority areas that were identified in conversations with local nonprofit partners: financial stability, mental health, and education.

This month we re-visited and completed our final round of funding for our Mental Health strategy. 

  • Increase mental health and substance abuse services – primary strategy is scaling up existing mental health and substance abuse providers to be able to serve more people and reach different audiences.

In total, $62,000 was awarded to four organizations.

Children’s Advocacy Center

to expand their counseling program capacity to address the current waitlist for counseling services

Amount awarded: $20,000

Even in “normal” times with the support of the multi-disciplinary team Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) coordinates, moving a child sexual abuse case through the criminal court system is a lengthy process, taking months and sometimes years. It is often an extremely stressful experience for child victims and families and intensive support from CAC staff is critical to helping victims navigate this experience and cope with the mental health ramifications. The additional delays in this process due to courts closing because of COVID-19, and then struggling to catch up with the backlog of cases as they reopened in stages, has added even greater uncertainty to the process and lengthened the time it takes to reach resolution. This means CAC is providing a higher level of counseling care for children for a longer period of time, which is necessary and important to care for their existing clients. However, this has created capacity issues for their ability to start counseling new clients after they disclose abuse which this funding will help address.


to bring iN2L (It’s Never Too Late) programming to their assisted living residents

Amount awarded: $16,000

While extensive COVID-19 restrictions have been necessary to protect the physical health of older adults living in group settings given their high risk for severe illness, the isolation has been extremely difficult on many residents’ mental health. iN2L is an evidence-based, person-centered engagement program which uses technology to enhance social interaction and promote mental health while still following social distancing protocols. Whether communicating with family, participating in an online church service or virtual class with neighboring residents, this technology has the capacity to help reconnect older adults with a sense of community that has been very difficult to provide since March and which is critical to supporting their mental well-being.

Arbor Circle

to increase access to mental health and substance abuse services for Hispanic and Latinx community members

Amount awarded: $13,000

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted our local Hispanic community, exacerbating the severity of mental health and substance abuse needs for community members who already often face language and cultural barriers to accessing mental health and substance abuse care. Arbor Circle has recognized the importance of having bilingual and bicultural service providers as well as adapting and delivering services in culturally appropriate ways. This includes providing co-located services to reduce the stigma and barriers of accessing mental health and substance abuse services within the Latinx community and meet client needs outside traditional one-on-one sessions behind closed doors.

Maple Avenue Ministries

for mental health services and supports for Black community members

Amount awarded: $13,000

 Black community members have also experienced disparate impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to increased needs for culturally competent mental health care. Ensuring that the people and organizations involved in designing and delivering services are trusted by those who are needing care is essential. Maple Avenue Ministries is a trusted institution in the Black community that continues to respond to the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of Holland community members alongside their spiritual needs. This funding will help provide the capacity to offer accessible services on-site while equipping providers and the Black community with supports needed to navigate the current infrastructure of mainstream mental health and substance abuse care.

The Momentum Center

on behalf of the Ottawa County Suicide Prevention Coalition

Amount awarded: $5,000

For a county-wide mental health and suicide prevention postcard mailing.