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The COVID-19 Community Stabilization Fund

As we navigate the challenges before us caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to acknowledge how unprecedented this situation is for our community. Never before has the Holland/Zeeland area experienced such a convergence of deep crises - health, economic, food, education, and more - that began simultaneously with little warning and no clear endpoint. Local philanthropy will fill a unique and valuable role in our stabilization and recovery efforts.

We have adapted our grant making process for the remainder of 2020 to prioritize our Community Stabilization Fund and the overall health of our local nonprofits. By thoughtfully deploying our Community's Endowment, we can support local efforts to address the gaps and keep the Holland/Zeeland area strong. 

The goal for the Community Stabilization Fund is to provide a vehicle for coordinated investment in our community on behalf of our Community's Endowment resources and the resources of local individuals, families, and companies. The fund is designed to act swiftly, be flexible as new information emerges, and be targeted in its use across the various areas of need, taking into account the range of other supports that have come from public and private sources into our community.

Community Stabilization Fund Priorities

Based on real-time feedback provided by nonprofit partners, community leaders, and individuals in need, we have identified the following targeted strategies for prioritized investment for the remainder of 2020:

Financial Stability

  • Preventing people from slipping into poverty - primary strategy is focused on stabilizing ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households, in particular by helping keep people in their homes through rent payment assistance and home foreclosure prevention. 
  • Continued basic needs supports - primary strategy is providing basic needs support targeted to those who haven’t (or won’t ever) receive the federal stimulus financial supports.


  • Increase mental health and substance abuse services - primary strategy is scaling up existing mental health and substance abuse providers to be able to serve more people and reach different audiences.


  • Mitigating the education opportunity gapprimary strategy is to provide extra resources to support those students who are likely to fall the furthest behind on their educational journeys as our model for learning is being forced to adapt in real-time. 

Make a Contribution

Donate Here

If the Community Stabilization Fund fits your vision for using your philanthropic resources during this time of great need, we would be grateful for your support. Please click the link above to make a gift using a credit card. You may also send a check to our offices, please include 'Stabilization Fund' in the memo line. For other giving options, please call our offices at 616-396-6590.

How to Apply

If you have an idea of how your organization can help our community implement one of these strategies, we encourage you to submit an application online.

The review committee will be meeting monthly and will focus on awarding funds to one to two strategies per month. Upcoming deadlines are outlined below. This application form is the first step of the process and CFHZ staff will contact you for additional information if your application advances to the next stage of the review process. This decision will be made based on which applications present the best opportunities to advance the stated goals and priorities of the fund. If you have had previous experience with our Competitive Grant Program, this process is intended to be simpler and to move more quickly given the unique and urgent challenges our community is facing at this time.

  • Deadline to submit ideas for Strategy 1: Preventing People from Slipping into Poverty and Strategy 2: Continued Basic Needs --- September 11
  • Deadline to submit ideas for Strategy 4: Education --- October 5
  • Deadline to submit ideas for Strategy 3: Mental Health & Substance Abuse --- November 2

Please contact Elizabeth Kidd at if you have any questions.

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